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Best Credit Card with score in mid 600's?

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Best Credit Card with score in mid 600's?

Looking to get a credit card. i don't have one now (used to have a bunch) I dont have the best credit history. however i've been current on everything for the past couple years. Current scores in the mid 600's.


Should i be looking at secured cards, or cards for people with "poor" credit? "average credit"? and some other sites have alot of options and i'm not sure of exactly the best route to take...


any feedback would be appreciated.

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Re: Best Credit Card with score in mid 600's?

start with the pre-approval website with Bank of America. maybe consider secured with them if they don't offer you something.

then you could always go with the lower ones, Householdbank (they have pre-approval also) capital one 

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Re: Best Credit Card with score in mid 600's?

You could also look into applying for a card with a bank or credit union you do business with.
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Re: Best Credit Card with score in mid 600's?

Credit worthiness is not just a history, it is also a financial ability and willingess to pay.


What is your income like now?  If you have a good income, I would suggest sitting down face to face with a Credit Union loan officer (or on phone) and discussing your circumstances and goals or get a secured card from a Prime Bank.  However, some banks, like Bank of America may decline even secured applications for some derogs....which they did to me several years ago before I climbed my way back up.


I used Amalgamated Bank of Chicago.  In 2005 I had scores under 600.  I had adequate income, though, and put $15,000 savings with Amalgamated and kept the card for a couple years.  Eventually after having this card and cleaning my credit, I got in with BofA and other lenders for unsecured.  I didn't try to convert the card to unsecured, which thinking back now, I probably should have.


Of course, you must be able to put into savings account your desired CL.  But, you are also SAVING money and earning interest.  If you use the credit card like a debit card, PIF, or leave only a very small balance (like $20 or less) then you are earning interest while having the convenience of a card and rebuilding your credit.


Anyway, don't just ask the question, what card can I get now....ask what cards do you want to get later and how fast do you want to get there.  Also ask, how much credit can I actually afford.


What's my advice worth:  $0.02 like everyone else.  But, I did go from 560 mid score 2005, to 800's now.




I personally believe that this is a better route than the high fee, high APR, Annual Fee "Starter Cards" that will never grow with you.  Most Orchard type and other cards will max out at a pretty low CL even when you are credit if that is your goal, understand that now.



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