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Best Credit Union?

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Re: Best Credit Union?

@trumpet-205 wrote:

Problem is, Addison Ave merged with First Tech FCU and no longer offers what bunnyrabbit has to new cardmember. 

Oh, I see ...  sorry everyone     m( _ _ )m

It's very tough with small income ~ The Rewards are big little helper to me.
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Re: Best Credit Union?

I called First Tech today and was told that terms on my Addison Avenue were not changed, though for new applicants (after merge) there are new terms.


As for Best CU, it is relative. My favorites are:

CC - PenFed, Navy, Addison Avenue, Fort Knox, Lake Michigan.

Checking - Lake Michegan and Delta

Savings  - none.

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Re: Best Credit Union?

I am a member of Navy Fed, PSECU and Fort Knox and have cards from all of them, the best I think is my Fort Knox Platinum Visa with 5% cash back on gas, and 1.25% cash on everything else.  Very happy with the card and now use it the most. Cash back is credited back to the card at the end of every month like clockwork.

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Re: Best Credit Union?

My favorites anyone can join are:




First Tech 

Delta Community

Lake Michigan -- rewards card 3% gas, 2% groceries, 1% other



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Re: Best Credit Union?



Navy FCU

Pen Fed


I have been with Navy Federal since 2001. They are a generous CU. I keep hearing awesome things about Pen Fed and their credit cards. I have a savings account with them. That's about it. I'm hoping that one day I'll be in good enough shape credit wise to qualify for their products.

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Goal Score: 700 across all three

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