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Best Rewards Cards for my needs

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Best Rewards Cards for my needs

Greetings all, this has been asked quite a bit, and I've referenced a lot of posts (inc'n the one w/ all the spreadsheets, though I'm not sure how often that's updated here and also here. But still would like some feedback if possible.

My current cards:

  • Discover IT (Secured)
  • Cap1 Plat
  • AMEX Everyday Blue
  • Barclay Apple Rewards
  • DCU Visa

In terms of Rewards, I've noticed none of my cards have good reward structures, with exception to my AMEX BCE. After eye'n the forums a bit I've come to the conclusion that I should probably get the following cards and sock drawer my current ones (minus AMEX).


Any feedback on this is appreciated.

  1. SavorOne (For dinning and entertainment) 3% CB
  2. BoA Cash Back for Groceries, (I shop almost exclusively at Walmart, which this card still codes as a grocery it seems) 3% CB
  3. Chase Amazon Card (I purchase what I don't get at WM, on Amazon) 5% CB (Prime Member)
  4. Use AMEX for Bill Paying (though I'm unsure of the CB % on this, google isn't being helpful).

Essentially that way all aspects of my spending are covered, at 3-5%, correct? Those (99%) of the time are my lifestyle (shop at wm/amazon, dining out, gas, and bills). Is there anything better for bill paying?, gas?, and are there any better cards that don't have fee's abroad for my lifestyle?


Any feedback/input is appreciated, Thank you!


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Re: Best Rewards Cards for my needs

What are your FICO scores to start with. You have a secured from Disco for a reason. You can ask to have it moved to the 5% rewards catagory. The Cap1 Plat you can upgrade to the QS for some cash back.  

Theres bits and pieces missing from the past with these starter cards. Can you fill us in. Some of the cards you listed may not be approvals. Need more info so we can help.

My posts are JMHO. My siggy is not to brag at all. Just sharing my experiences after learning here from rebuild to recovery after BK DC @ 540's.
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Re: Best Rewards Cards for my needs

Echoing what @FireMedic1 said we're going to need more info to help you out. What are your current FICO scores? Are you 5/24, just starting out/rebuilding, etc. You should also be aware that credit cards are a marathon not a race so be prepared to pace yourself if you want to get the cards you want.


It seems like you've chosen pure CB which is great so I'd recommend a 2% card to be your catch all card if you haven't considered it yet. As for your list savorone is great for a dining card but BOA CR is also 3% dining if you select it so you can choose to app for that only useless your interested in the entertainment category. The CR is also 2% groceries not 3% just to let you know. Since you're a prime member the Chase card seems like a good choice but be aware of Chase's 5/24 rule and plan the app accordingly. Can't help you with Amex bill pay but the BCE is also 2% gas if you're interested.


There are more options but I'll have to know more about your scores and stuff before recommending them.


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Re: Best Rewards Cards for my needs

When you're able to, I'd suggest adding on a PayPal 2% Cashback MasterCard for a 2% minimum everywhere not covered by a higher return.


Capital One and Paypal have no foreign exchange fees so you're covered abroad.


You may have a better shot at the Amazon Store Card than the Chase Amazon card.

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