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Best buy couldn't pull my reports?

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Best buy couldn't pull my reports?

So I applied for a best buy card and had to call in. The person I spoke with on the phone said I was denied because they weren't able to pull my reports. They were pulling TU and EX. She said they had no information at all on them, and suggested that I had frozen my reports... but I didn't. I check my scores on credit karma, credit sesame, and on this website (although I cancelled the myfico membership a month ago) and I've gotten new credit as recently as June. The only thing I can think of is that I burned Citi in my BK 7 which discharged over a year ago and I know they handle the best buy card. But to have nothing come up at all makes absolutely no sense. Has anyone ever heard of this? I don't want to spend time calling the bureaus if I don't need to.. I really think the woman I spoke with was wrong or wasn't able to see anything for some other reason. Buuuuut I'm also nervous because I was looking for apartments last month and had to give my SSN out on four different applications. Maybe one of those landlords messed with my credit somehow but I still can't see why that would result in blank reports being pulled. Any ideas?
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Re: Best buy couldn't pull my reports?

I think if you're blacklisted by Citi they won't pull your reports. Maybe their computer won't let them pull any because you burned them and the CSR you talked to just didn't know that. Just a theory.

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Re: Best buy couldn't pull my reports?

I had a BK7 in 2000 in which Citi was included.  A couple years later I was able to buy a new house, even had no problem buying new vehicles and getting new credit accounts.  This being said, the last time I tried to apply for a Home Depot card in 2005 I was denied right away due to the BK.


It's been a few years, so things may have changed, but I'll be (pleasantly) surprised if you're able to get an account with Citi being fresh out of a BK that included a Citi account.  I've not tried to apply with Citi recently so they may have 'forgiven' me by now (Amex did), but I'm not holding my breath, either.

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Re: Best buy couldn't pull my reports?

I agree on the Blacklist theory.... Citi blacklists BK'ers if you include them (IIB)  


They won't even bother pulling your credit if you're on the Blacklist...that's why the rep couldn't see anything on the reports.


If you're blacklisted by Citi, you're pretty much screwed with any Citi credit for a very long time.

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