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Best card for thin file and upcoming business travel

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Re: Best card for thin file and upcoming business travel

@zerofire wrote:

I can see a few options.


First you can use your existing cards by leading with the Discover and then switching to the Capitol One as required. This way you get no FTF which is a 3% savings and if the Discover passes you can get the cash back too.


Second you can consider the PayPal 2% Cashback MasterCard which would solve all of your issues but will potentially have two hiccups. Issue one is that Chase might get jealous and close their account since you have opened a lot lately. Opening another card might be considered by them as credit seeking. Issue two is that the PayPal usually starts really small. Like $200 small. Not sure how you plan on making a card that tiny work for you or what you really will get.


There is a lot of dice rolling either way.

Thanks for the reply. The advice on here has been really great. Looks like the safest option might be to upgrade my Cap One if possible to avoid looking like I'm credit seeking and if not just use the Discover and Cap One Plat in my travels as necessary.The $1K limit isn't much but I can always pay it down as I use it as necessary. Discover should be accepted for any flights or hotels I book.


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Re: Best card for thin file and upcoming business travel

Agreed to not apping for more cards yet.  You got 3 in 2 months, only 2-3 months ago


i would use whatever works while you are traveling.  It won’t matter if you max one or two-  it will drop your score in the short term only.  You get reimbursed, You pay it off, and the next month your score will go back up.  And you will have shown usage which helps with future CLI



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