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Best cc to rebuild

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Re: Best cc to rebuild

llecs wrote:

txjohn wrote:

EDIT UPDATE:  As usual if I don't check to see if Hauling has all ready commented I find myself repeating his stellar advice and sounding like a parrot Smiley Happy

I don't know if Hauling would appreciate the sex change or not. Smiley Surprised   j/k

LOL, I'll have to go replace my wardrobe! Although come to think of it, since I live in jeans and tees...

Hmm, DH might be startled. Smiley Wink
* Credit is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master. * Who's the boss --you or your credit?
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Re: Best cc to rebuild

Just wanted to say good job on getting your scores up.  Hope I do the same one day. 
The FICO score is an "I love debt" score and is not a measure of winning financially!!!!
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