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Best move when cxl my Citi Exec WEMC?

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Best move when cxl my Citi Exec WEMC?

I plan to close my Citi Exec WEMC before it’s 1 year anniversary in Nov. I’m an AA Exec Plat, but I only fly AA Internationally on business fares. I fly SWA nearly 100% domestically and my two most frequent airports don’t have lounges. When the lounge visits require an AA ticket starting in Nov, the benefits for the huge annual fee will be virtually worthless to me.

My limit is $27,500. Can I transfer to my Simplicity or better yet open a new card now & transfer the limit to the new card before Nov, then cxl card?
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Re: Best move when cxl my Citi Exec WEMC?

Supposedly it is possible to move limits around with Citi, but I have never had any luck doing it. I have always just ended up cancelling the card.

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Re: Best move when cxl my Citi Exec WEMC?

Typically they require a HP to move limits, and it's usually a hassle to get someone at Citi who even knows it's possible. Totally hit or miss. But it depends if it's worth a HP or not to you.

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