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Best practice for balance reporting

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Best practice for balance reporting

Hi there,


I have several CC and store card. I usually let them report balances (but total util is still < 10%)

Someone here said that it's best to let only one card reporting balance, and other cards report 0 (which is PIF before closing date)

Someone else here mentioned that if the card is reporting 0, some creditor like Comenity will not count that month when asking for CLI.


So, what is the best strategy? For example, if have a PayPal Extras MC. In order to request for CLI every 4 months, I need to let it REPORT A BALANCE or just place some charges on it and PIF before closing date so that it report 0?

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Re: Best practice for balance reporting

My understanding is the best practice is to pay all cards except one before the balances are reported to the CRAs. You want to show a balance on one card and keep your utilization under 10%. For individual cards to get a CLI probably the best course of action is heavy use and then PIF before balances are reported to CRAs, but each CC is different in how likely they are to issue CLIs.

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