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Best reward card for paying rent...

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Re: Best reward card for paying rent...

The Alliant SV looks real attractive.


Another poster said high open CL's are a concern. I'm just under 300k.


Everything else is inline. 4-5% util. 240ish salary. 765 and above all 3 scores. Low inq. Half a dozen cards over 30k CL. 


Just got a Prestige last week. Only CC in over a year. 


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Re: Best reward card for paying rent...

Another option for non category spend would be chasing some nice signup bonuses.

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Re: Best reward card for paying rent...

I use Citi double cash. It gives 2% unlimited cash back
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Re: Best reward card for paying rent...

@cgn11963 wrote:

I have the ability to pay my rent each month over the internet by CC. Only accept MC, Visa, and Discover. My rent is almost 3k a month. So I can put some serious spend on the card pretty quickly. 


It costs me 1% for each payment. I know I can use my NFCU Flagship and get 2% back and make a little money. 


Is there another card that is better? Cash back or rewards points....doesn't really matter.


Thanks for your help!

You're very lucky to be able to do it with only a 1% convenience fee. There are tons of no-fee rewards cards out there with which you'll be able to get rewards exceeding the convenience fee.


I know of none that allow rent as a bonus category, though, so you should just use whatever rewards card works for you.


According to this article, apartment buildings sometimes code as a hotel, so that you can get travel bonus points:

But I'm skeptical.


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Re: Best reward card for paying rent...

For what's worth, my rent payment isbcoded as professional services. It charges a flat 17 USD fee, so I'm overpaying 2 extra months ahead to get 1.5% back.
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Re: Best reward card for paying rent...

You can get some nice SUB and meet the min spend requrement quickly for most credit cards.   For a high SUB, try Kinecta FCU MY Perks credit card that I got recently but note some differences from most other credit cards:


Anybody can apply as you can get membership by joining the Santa Monica Co-op for $10(but that fee was waived)  
I applied mainly for the signup bonus as below: 
   Within first 90 days:
     Receive $500 if spend $6,000 or more
     Receive $250 if spend $4,000 to $5,999
     Receive $100 if spend $1,500 to $3,999  
1)  You will have to provide ID (Drivers Lic or passport), proof of address and proof of income, so no fibbing on the income part of the application.
2)  You have to open a Kinecta Savings acct($10 min) as well.  You can NOT pay your credit card directly from an external bank acct; you have to transfer from your external bank acct to your Kinecta Savings acct first(which takes 2-3 business days) then pay your CC from the Kinecta savings account
3)  Cut off for same day payment is 12:00noon (probably PST as they are in CA)
4)  SUB is a statement credit but reward credits redemption in $50 increments.
5)  I got a SL of $2,500 (FICO 730) even though most of my other major CC had limits from $7,500 to $12,000 at the time of application. However, that may have been due to having 3 recent new CC in the previous couple months. So if you want to reach the $500 SUB for spending $6,000(or even the $250 bonus) will probably have to make payments every week or 2 to be able to spend enough if you dont get a large credit limit.
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Re: Best reward card for paying rent...

My go to cards are Alliant VS and Citi DoubleCash.

With that kinda spend you should go for Alliant VS in my oppinion.

There are some other 2% cards out there but 2.5% even with the AF you will still be ahead with that kinda spend.

Put everything on it like I do and they will love you. I also have their high return savings. I've been very impressed with Alliant even though they are still kinda old school - approval, app, website, deposits and such.

Some say they are kinda hard to get into. I was a little hesitant but tried anyways since I already was putting everything on my DoubleCash anyways. I still put some spend on my DoubleCash just not nearly as much as I did before.

I've put taxes, plastiq and all sorts of fee related charges on my Alliant and pay in full, can't even remember the interest rate lol

Thanks to myFico for helping me rebuild and continue on the journey to Winning The Credit Game.
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Re: Best reward card for paying rent...

There are some hotel cards that give you a free night at $10-15K annual spend.


For example, World of Hyatt Visa comes with 1 free night per year, 50,000 point SUB on $6K spend, and a second free night at $15K (up to category 4 which cost 15,000 points).  1X points on non-category spend.


Hyatt points are worth 1.7 cents.  


So if you put $15K annually in rent on the card, you'd receive 65,000 points and 2 free night certificates at the end of year 1, and 15,000 points and 2 free night certificates at the end of year 2.


On that second year, that's an extra 15,000 points and 1 free night over doing nothing.  Assuming the free night is Cat 4 worth 15,000 points as well, that's 2x back on your rent spend, worth 3.4% in Hyatt redemptions ($510).


And I would not adjust that for the annual fee, since that $95 fee gets you status and a free night certificate by itself.  


3.4% is better than a Citi Double Cash solution.  But pales in comparison to using rent to hit SUBs, which typically return 14% or more (sometimes much more) on spend.  

8-10% on Hotels
5-6% on Groceries
5% on Gas, Amazon, Home Utilities, Department Stores, Sporting Goods
4-5% on Restaurants and Bars
3% on Other Travel
2% on Everything Else
Plus Ebates, BeFrugal, TopCashBack, etc.
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Re: Best reward card for paying rent...

Chase Unliited for first $20k is 3%.

Discover will double first year cash back.

And like others said, I would do the sign up bonuses on many cards!

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