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Best secured card?

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Best secured card?

I'm about to deposit between 1.5-2 thousand in a secured card. What do yall suggest as a card for that amount?
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Re: Best secured card?

I have Capital One and have not had any issues.


I hear Bank of America is the best though as they actually unsecure the card after a year and give you a nice credit limit increase.

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Re: Best secured card?

Depends on whether you are rebuilding or new to credit.

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Re: Best secured card?

If you are new to credit I would suggest us bank because the are friendly and are very nice to deal with and you will be able to build a relationship for future credit products.
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Re: Best secured card?

Awful Credit:   Public Savings Bank.  NO CREDIT CHECK


Bad Credit:   Capital One (add unscecured limits and easy to deposit more)   

                       HSBC secured card that has rewards. 

                       Credit union (many have them, not all).


New to Credit:   Any major bank that you want to keep doing business with

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