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Best sign-up Bonus Cards

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Best sign-up Bonus Cards

My fiancée and I are getting married this January, and would like to do some traveling in the summer of 2013 before we have kids. (We're thinking of Germany to visit her family, and taking jaunts around Europe from there, with Rome definitely in the mix).


Incidentally, we are also hoping to apply for some credit cards in January to help make this happen, and I'm looking for advice on what the best ones are. We are going to have a lot of expenses due to needing things like furniture for an apartment when we move in together, so we should be able to meet the minimum spend requirements of a few cards.


As far as our credit, we both have pretty good credit. I have a number of credit cards (in my sig), perfect payment history, I keep my % Util below 10, but my account age is pretty young (oldest is 2 yrs 1 mo right now, average is 1 yr 4 mo). I also have 2 inquiries in the last year. Last time I applied for a card, I saw that my EQ was 761.


My fiancée has only one card with USAA, and has had it for, I believe, 5 years. She keeps low % util on it, and I'm not certain what the CL is on it, but I think it's probably in the 1k-3k range. Again, perfect payment history, % util < 10, and she has no inquiries. She also has $12k in student loans that will start requiring payment in June (our plan is to pay them off in full). She has also paid off some older student loans of amounts unknown to me. I would guess around $4k.


If anyone has any advice on what cards look to be something we could get, and which have good rewards, I would be very glad! Thank you!



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Re: Best sign-up Bonus Cards


AMEX Delta


United Explorer

USB Flexperks

US Airways MC

Starwood AMEX

AMEX HHonors

PENFED Plat Rewards


Mercedes AMEX plat

CITI TY Premier

Virgin Atlantic AMEX


I listed these in no particular order. You need to search the cards and find the best signup bonus possible. A lot of times the general offer on their site is not the best you can get.


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