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Bill Me Later Confusing

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Bill Me Later Confusing

I tried to apply for this yday online from  I got the message saying they couldn't verify my info, I entered all of my info just as it is on my EQ report (was advised when I called cust service that they pull on EQ) so idk why they're unable to pull my report.  I opted out a year or so ago so could that be why if they're trying to pull a soft inquiry?  I don't know how to go about getting this straight.  When I called customer service I was advised that I would receive an email in 24 hours, so I'm waiting on that.  I think I'm going to call back.  I don't have a fraud alert or anything on my EQ report so I'm puzzled.   I also think I'm going to call EQ just to make sure. Anyone had this issue w/them?

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Re: Bill Me Later Confusing

I did have the exact same issue with them not being able to verify my information (or identity, I don't remember which one it said). To be honest, I didn't really care THAT much about BillMeLater so I didn't even try to contact them to get it sorted out. Funny how they can't verify my info with the same exact information as CC companies are able to give me credit cards with.. so I don't really know what they're doing wrong.

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Re: Bill Me Later Confusing

I always thought the first time you use bill me later, its a hard pull

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Re: Bill Me Later Confusing

it is a hard pull the first time you apply for an account, after that if you buy something that is more than your purchasing power they will soft your report to decide whether to approve the charge or not

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