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Bills! bills! bills! ( travel CC )

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Bills! bills! bills! ( travel CC )

Hello all, I am in a pickle trying to decide which CC to use for all my bills... such as auto/motorcycle Insurance (state farm), DirecTv, Cox internet, and verizon wireless. Its a draw between Amex PRG soon to PC to green or my CSP. Only setback is Statefarm doesnt accept Amex and thats my most expensive bill Smiley Tongue I was going towards the charge card because I have to PIF rather than use the CSP for bills and other daily purchases.. I need help! And yes I know both cards would only earn me 1pt I just like the rewards programs rather than CC towards my statement.

Lender pulled 10-10-13
EQ Fico 715 | EX Fico 714 | TU Fico 703
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Re: Bills! bills! bills! ( travel CC )

I would use CSP for all of it and just PIF before your statement comes. That's what I do to my other CC so you can get the perks faster.
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