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Re: Blacklists...

Had COs with Citi, Discover and Chase x2 and GECRB x 2.  I paid all I owed after the charge offs 2 years ago.  I now have a Walmart and Lowes CC through GECRB I got back in September and November respectively , a Citi Diamond Preferred that I got in December and a DiscoverIT that I just got this month.  So I guess maybe if you pay them back, they will let you in.  I don't know.  I haven't applied for a Chase account yet.

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Re: Blacklists...

+1 "So I guess maybe if you pay them back, they will let you in"...


NFCU - and USAA will let you back in 'IF' you pay them back what you owe.  (personal experience)

I’ve found that I can "charge" WHATEVER I want…. Just not all at THE SAME TIME!*Last CC App 07/2010*
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Re: Blacklists...

If you burned Citi on a store card does that likely mean they wont let you get one of their main cards years later (10+) ?

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Re: Blacklists...

I discharged a GECRB Mens Wearhouse card in BK7 in 2009.  Applied for Walmart and was given a Walmart Discover, with one CLI so far.  I haven't reapplied for Men's Wearhouse...  So I'm not sure how strictly GECRB blacklists.

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Re: Blacklists...

Updated.  I will try to check on it once a day and keep it updated if folks add more cards to the list.


EDITED AND UPDATED 2-19-2013 11:38amPST


Amex - yup

Discover -yup

Chase- yup

Citi - yup but might not on store cards; might let back in if pay back old balance

GECRB - but might be forgiving

NFCU- yup but might let back in if pay off old balance.

BofA - Sounds like it.

Paypal MC - See GECRB

Capital One - Appears not to blacklist

USAA - yup but might let back in if pay off old balance.


Anyone know about:


any others...

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Re: Blacklists...

BOA declined me for a Secured Card after a charge off 4 years ago. I guess BOA should be on top of the List.

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Re: Blacklists...

Citi - 


I took them down in college, for about $1,700 - my first credit card - and first (of a very small handful) derogs ever on my report. The debt went to collections, and was paid in full about 4 months after going into collections. 


I now have  Citi Hilton Honors Reserve, Citi Exxon Mobil and Citi Shell cards. 

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Re: Blacklists...

How would you ever know if you were blacklisted by a company?  I had a couple of cards charge off more than 10 years ago.  The debts have been paid and no evidence of any of those remain on CR today.  I never remember reading any of their letters saying I was "blacklisted". 

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Re: Blacklists...

Not sure if it should go on there but it should also be noted that if you are active duty miltiary NFCU and USAA will go after you through your chain of command. This can have major career implications, not to mention that your commander can also mandate that part of your pay be automatically taken and given to the CC company.

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Re: Blacklists...

Got back with Cap1 and GE after burning them.  GE with a WalMart, Cap1 with regular app process have 2 cards with Cap1 now.


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