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Blair credit card

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Blair credit card

does anyone have this card, I don't have any qalems with the issusing  bank, I know I pre approved, i just want to know the actual benifits of the card, I've place few orders  with them, and and just relized I realy like their stuff, so if it could realy save me $100/yr then and birthday saving sounds neat I might be worth it.


I never had a store card, because I never need one, my credit started in 2002 when my grandmother cosigned for a 24 month $2,000 instalment loan,By june 2003 I was getting no AF credit card offers.


But if they really deliver what they promise , I'm willing to take hit to credit mix

People say "Only apply for credit you NEED"

I say "apply for credit you have PRATICAL use of"

I don't have AMEX card because I don't want a card that suffers from PMS
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Re: Blair credit card

I have heard positive (nothing negative) about Blair.  


Go for it! 

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