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Blispay Suspending future purchases

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Re: Blispay Suspending future purchases

guess i'll have 1 less card to worry about. 

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Re: Blispay Suspending future purchases

Lots of other lenders have done this @JamP.

Let's see... Final, Equality CC, Beaver/Duck CCs (the latter due to NCUA compliance violations), etc. And, there will be plenty more. This is just how things turn out sometimes, unfortunately.

So, for anyone that decides to have a lending relationship with a 'boutique' type of company, always keep this in mind. I mean, who can forget the frenzy of this FOTM when it was introduced.

Sure, for some, it's sad to see it happen, but life goes on and there's plenty of other competitive products in the market.
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Re: Blispay Suspending future purchases

@K-in-Boston wrote:

@DeeBee78 wrote:

Oh man, this is crap timing. I was just about to use the card for a $3400 Black Friday purchase. Smiley Sad

@DeeBee78 (and others in the same situation), it may be a good idea to contact your other lenders to see if there are any promotional offers available for your other cards.  12 months of a renewed Discover 0% promo is fairly common, for example.

Yeah, I haven’t thrown Cap1 any business in about 6 months, so maybe they’ve got something waiting for me. 


I need to update my sig: Discover closed my account to non-usage last month. 

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Re: Blispay Suspending future purchases

@CreditCuriosity wrote:

Bad time to run out of money if that is what happened during the holiday season..  Can't think of a worse time for this to happen to them.. Could be the nail in the coffin for them quite possibly as they had to see this coming.

My thoughts exactly.


Terrible timing, and no doubt there are some people who were really counting on using it the next few days.  Not to mention those who will try to pay for lunch during the next hour or so and will have their waiter ask them for alternative payment.  Smiley Frustrated


Bad timing all the way around. 

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Re: Blispay Suspending future purchases

@CreditCuriosity wrote:

Sad since: Nov 2018


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Re: Blispay Suspending future purchases

Bummer! I haven't received the email as yet. I'm sure it will show up soon enough. Credit Curiosity finished them off with his furnishings for the new home.😂
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Re: Blispay Suspending future purchases

I'm so glad I resisted this card!

I feel for all of you- I'm sorry. What a rotten time of year to drop this on y'all.Broken Heart.png

I also think they're headed down for the count,   AAAtitanic.gif  trying to let everyone down gently. As if.. 



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Re: Blispay Suspending future purchases

So, if they do go under, what will the practical implications be for people who owe them money? Would the promo rates still have to be honored or would they become due immediately? Or would the whole process last well over the 6 months so the promo point would become moot (since all the promos will have come due since they stopped allowing purchases)? Other implications?

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Re: Blispay Suspending future purchases

Haven’t gotten the e-mail yet but I’m assuming any time now? Statement posted today with a $0.26 balance! Lol
Oh yeah and my myFICO subscription is scheduled to hit them today!! Lol
So I’m gonna get two e-mails instead! One from Blispay and another from myFICO for a “declined” charge! Lol
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Re: Blispay Suspending future purchases

Just thinking out loud. I wonder if their next step is to start doing CLD on card holders with large unused CLs, or Cards with large balances, which could cause maxed out cards
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