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Blispay Suspending future purchases

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Re: Blispay Suspending future purchases

@pizza1 wrote:
I don't think it had anything to do with CL's, as I think the highest I've seen is only $10k . Most have CL $3k-7k and in all honesty that's not considered a "high" limit.

Mine is $12k. I got it in August 2016.

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Re: Blispay Suspending future purchases

Mine's $15K... from 2016 as well.
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Re: Blispay Suspending future purchases

Not that it matters score-wise, but what is it going to say on the CRAs after the accounts are all closed?  Closed by issuer?  Lots of folks around here have been through this before but I can't say I've had the pleasure.  I'm wondering if I should attempt to close my account once their phone system stops smoking.  I know it doesn't really matter, but I don't want that on my reports.  Plus I want to start a run on the bank because they are a miserable company.

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Re: Blispay Suspending future purchases

It really makes no difference whether it states 'Closed by Credit Grantor' as opposed to 'Closed by Consumer'. If you had several accounts closed by the same lender in a relatively short period of time due to AA, then potentially that would be a flag, especially during a manual review.

You can request to have it closed if that's what you prefer or leave it be, if that becomes the eventual reality of the card.

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Re: Blispay Suspending future purchases

Stupid move right before the Christmas shopping season, this should bury them. Glad I never jumped on this flavor of the month at the time. 

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Re: Blispay Suspending future purchases

I mean, think about it. It's one day before the biggest shopping day of the year is about to start (Thanksgiving is a bank holiday). This is not a coincidence.


Somebody in the thread said it earlier; I feel like they're taking a (not-so-effective) trick out of the MoviePass playbook. And we all know how MoviePass did.

Sucks, I have a card, too. Writing's on the wall for Blispay.

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RIP. Blispay

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 1.54.07 PM.png 


RIP Blispay!!! ( at least for now but who knows ). Just got the email a few mins ago.

I feel bad for someone that got approved for the card recently. I love their 2% cash back and 6 months interest-free programs tho!


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Re: Blispay Suspending future purchases

We both received our e-mails. It was a good card for consistently getting 2% CB and 6 months of 0%. Not a daily driver but was nice for reimbursable expenses when I knew I was going to get paid back eventually.


It does not look good for the card...

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Re: Blispay Suspending future purchases

Funny thing is isnt one of the founders of this company one of the founders of BML or paypal credit?  If he believed in the company so much why doesnt he step up to bat and put alittle more of his own money to fund it longer...  Which he didn't,  just a matter of time till they close shop maybe they have one or two last life lines out there they are hoping will come through otherwise RIP blispay.


Those that are carrying a balance the terms will remain unchanged as I don't believe I saw that answered if they close shop

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Blispay suspending all service (lending)

I just got an email that Blispay is suspending "lending" to all Account holders. 


Suspending future Blispay purchases

Due to tremendous demand, we’ve found ourselves in the position of needing to temporarily suspend lending in order to give us time to catch up with our growth. What this means is that you will not be able to use your Blispay card for new purchases effective immediately. We're working diligently to resume lending as soon as possible. If you would like more details about this update read this blog post from our CEO.

Although you can't use your account for new transactions at this time, you are still required to pay your balance. We’re pleased to let you know that your active promotions will not change; the expiration date of promotional balances will remain the same. You can access your account and pay your balance via or the Blispay iOS or Android app. You will continue to receive notice of your monthly statement via email.

We hope to resume lending as soon as possible. We’re extremely sorry to all of our loyal cardholders who were looking forward to taking advantage of all Blispay has to offer during the start of this holiday shopping season.

The Blispay Team

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