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Bloomingdales Amex Approval Status !!!!!

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Bloomingdales Amex Approval Status !!!!!

So After my Nordstrom Visa Approval of $5,000 I went back to the mall last night because I have a bloomingdales located about 10 minutes from my house. I felt very lucky last night. So I went to the counter with 2 mens burberry polos and true religion jeans totaling 479.00 so they said you can save 10& today and tommorow so i said what the hell and boom I was approved for an bloomingdales amex for 4,000 I literally died


Any Suggestions Your approvals? I would love to know. I love these forms for having me get approved for the bloomingdales

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Re: Bloomingdales Amex Approval Status !!!!!


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Thank You Do you like bloomingdales??

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Re: hz

CONGRATS!  Smiley Happy


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Re: Bloomingdales Amex Approval Status !!!!!

Man! your on a roll its stinks when you apply for a store card that is co branded and you end up with the regular store card instead, but not you! You have nordstrom visa and bloomingdals AMEX congratz!!

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Re: Bloomingdales Amex Approval Status !!!!!

Congrats! Might I suggest a regular amex?

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Re: Bloomingdales Amex Approval Status !!!!!

congrats, how bout an amex revolver?


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Re: Bloomingdales Amex Approval Status !!!!!

Is the bloomies amex a revovler or a charge card? I got the store card last year and I just got an amex charge , can I call and ask for an upgrade ?
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