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Blue Cash Everyday: Approved!

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Re: Blue Cash Everyday: Approved!

Well MyFico scores are literally like 150 less than the stuff I've been getting off of the direct sites, so 659 for Transunion and 688 for Equifax.  To give you an idea I refinanced 2 years ago before this crappy thing was on my credit report and I had around 800 in everything (from MyFico).  So yeah a $199 medical bill caused all that, pretty psychotic and honestly I can see why there are other scores than FICO if something like that is possible.  


Basically it was a $2.80 bill that I paid but apparently they never processed and then ratched it up to $199 and sent it to collections.  I never noticed the $2.80 not going out of my checking account (it's a small amt) so when I disputed it with the Radiology company they said they'd help, I foolishly paid it in good faith then they said screw you we're not going to ask for the collection company to remove it.  And that's where it stands, $199 paid medical collection totally my credit score for what, 7 years? lol


So the good news is I got accepted for the Blue Cash Preferred, the bad news is now if I want to refinance again or do anything major I'm probably SOL unless they ignore that stupid $199.  Talk about a totally world. lol

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