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Blue Cash Everyday CLI denial

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Re: Blue Cash Everyday CLI denial

I'd call and ask them. I do know they have a rule about asking for a CLI every 6 mos min., so maybe that's what the letter means. You need to wait 6 mos after your last CLI request.


I just got my 61-day CLI and the recording said something about not being able to get a CLI again for 6 mos., and I believe that was BEFORE I confirmed I wanted it (or entered the amount). I remember thinking that if I was denied, that meant that I couldn't ask again for 6 mos., so I hesitated before going through with it. So, my hunch is that's the deal -- you need to wait 6 mos after a denial (or approval) of a CLI to request again.


But I'd definitely call a) to be sure and b) to find out if that is 6 mos from THIS denial or the one previous.



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Re: Blue Cash Everyday CLI denial



I did not mean my post to be a lecture sorry. It was meant  to be as information to help with clis and credit in general. Some posts in various threads I have read concern me about the path the poster is going down to improve/build their credit. 

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Re: Blue Cash Everyday CLI denial

Thanks. Understood... it's all good. Smiley Happy

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