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BoA CLI???

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Re: BoA CLI???

I have on toy limit left well two cap1 and kohls. Cap1 will be closed in about three months kohls will be low until they start doing. CLIs again. But most cards are now over $2k with chase being at $5k for csp and united. Now I need to get freedom up

In my wallet: AMEX Gold; Freedom $1.5k; CSP $5k; Chase United $5k; Discover $2k
Last HP: 4/30
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Re: BoA CLI???

I agreed that you should try to call back with the recon number. They approved me $20k in limits but denied my CLI of a cc with $600 cl which I have for more than 9 years in the same week. I called a month later and they gave me the CLI with no HP.
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