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BoA Premium Rewards Grocery/Dining Credit

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Re: BoA Premium Rewards Grocery/Dining Credit

Just got mine. Statement closed two weeks ago.

Personal spend: Amex Gold, Amex Schwab Plat., BofA PR+CCR(x2), Costco
Business use: Amex Bus. Plat., BBP, Lowes Amex AU, CFU AU
Perks: Delta Plat., United Explorer, IHG49, Hyatt, "Old SPG"
Mostly SD: Freedom Flex, Freedom, Arrival
Upgrade/Downgrade games: ED, BCE

Mostly earning MRs and cash back as I use up hotel and airline points spread across several programs.
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Re: BoA Premium Rewards Grocery/Dining Credit

Thanks @K-in-Boston!   I just got the Premium Rewards and this credit was on my statement.  I was confused at first, since they never sent me an email about it as far as I can tell.  But I remembered seeing this thread on My Fico, so that it explains it!   A very nice little "extra" for their members.  Smiley Very Happy

Business Cards

Length of Credit > 39 years; Total Credit Limits $742K
AoOA > 29 years (Jun 1993); AoYA (Feb 2023)
* Hover cursor over cards to see name & CL, or press & hold on mobile app.
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Re: BoA Premium Rewards Grocery/Dining Credit

So.... I just got this credit today. I had a $12 food charge in August from a vendor that I haven't been to since January (and I'm not even sure I used a credit card that day, but I suppose I did). I called BoA to get it removed, so they credited the $12. I just got the statement credit of $50 this morning, so I'm currently sitting at -$50 balance. I wonder if they'll take some or all of it back until I actually spend $50?

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