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I think the only way to get CLI with soft is when BofA does auto CLI. Never had a HP but CLI were never initiated from my end with BofA. Do not worry about 1 inq for Chase I got the card with 6 inq in 4 weeks and no prior relationship with Chase but this was quite a mission and I realized I did push it too far and had to recon. But 1 inq and for an existing relationship I would really expect no problems for you with Chase.


Still full understand the frustration of this useless HP Smiley Frustrated




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flowfaster wrote:

agent_bob wrote:

This kind of relates to being annoyed with BofA, but has this happened to anybody?


You call the # on the back of your credit card & you get turned down because they're updating the computer systems.

I just called multiple times and I've heard numerous responses ranging from the computers updating and to call back in 4-8 hours later.

I tried searching it up on the boards, but I couldn't really find anything.

Hey Bob, here is a tip. Don't call the number on the back of your card.  Call the backdoor number and talk to a credit analyst or request online.

I did also look at the backdoor #'s, but they're closed until Monday. Also tried other numbers on the board, but they didn't work.

I'm just dumbfounded about how customer service is 'supposedly' 24/7, but they're down now.

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Always expect a hard inquiry and be pleased when it isn't one. That said, BofA started doing hard pulls for CLI requests several months ago. 

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