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BoA Travel Rewards Review - My new #1 card


BoA Travel Rewards Review - My new #1 card

I just finished my first statement cycle with this card - and as a new BoA customer.


First - the bad:  1.5% "value" back - is not as high as other cards - nor does it have special categories.  I would love to squeeze another .25% out of BoA, but did not apply for the 2%/$75 annual fee version (For a reason - I didn't want to apply -and get denied as this was my first foray into BoA).  Lastly - the sign up bonus is weak ($100) - though it did apply to my first statement already!


Good:  My experience with BoA has actually been very pleasant (so far).  A customer service rep sent me a replacement card with a CHIP that already arrived. 


It is a aesthetically pleasing card.  I have Visa Signature benefits - and it has a chip for my overseas travel.  No Foreign Transaction Fees!  No annual fee either.  I like that - I like getting a card knowing I dont have to downgrade or cancel in a year. 


This card shows transactions online instantly.  I like BoA online better than Chase - not as good as AMEX or USAA, but better than Chase/Navy Fed/Pentagon


My first statement cut and appeared online exactly the day it said my statement cycle was over - not 3-4 days later like Chase.  And they already applied my sign up bonus. 


I have yet to redeem any points - there were no issues applying 1.5 X my statement value for my first rewards.  You redeem them at a value of 1 point/cent to a travel related purchase you have already purchased - so in a way it's the same as Venture points. 


All in all - I LOVE carrying ONLY two cards.  This is my main card - I put $1500 on it the first month with several travel related purchases.  I will continue to use my PENFED gas card for gas and as a backup.  


Hope this helps - I highly recommend it though I know some people loathe BoA.   I carry this over my CSP/Freedom/BCE/USAA MC/NFCU CashRewards so it has some tough competition!




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Re: BoA Travel Rewards Review - My new #1 card

Thanks for the review!  I have one as well, but haven't used it much yet.  I am currently in UK and have been mostly using my SDFCU chip card for everything here.  The only thing I would like to see for the BoA card is a PIN to be used (and made default) so I don't have to hold up the lines here when two receipts print and the merchant has to stop and look for a pen.  The same thing usually happens with my SDFCU card, though, even though that card has a PIN... for some reason it defaults to requesting my signature.

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