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BoA graduation... and then denial.

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BoA graduation... and then denial.

Hey guys,


I've had my BoA fully secured for over nine months now, and I called the other day and they unsecured it with the standard $500 CLI from $800 to $1300. I asked if I could upgrade to another card without an annual fee and they said I'd have to have a CL of at least $2000 and they couldn't raise me that much right now. The guy transferred me over to the new application line because he recommended that I just get a new card with no credit limit. No go. I was denied for two different cards.


Last time I checked my scores (maybe a month and a half ago?) I was just about 700. These were my first apps in eight months. No baddies, decent utilization. Short history though. The secured card was my first card, and I got a Capital One card about a month later. I'm also a full-time student so I have very little income from my seasonal job.


Should I try to call BoA back for a recon, or is it not worth it? If so, what number should I call? I tried a couple on the backdoor numbers thread and they only handled exsisting cardholder issues, not recons on denials.




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Re: BoA graduation... and then denial.

you should always call BofA for recon.
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