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BoA is the Best!!!!!!!

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Re: BoA is the Best!!!!!!!

Man BOA must be in a good mood right now, thats just fantastic! Please leave some money for us sexyladyshaq. LOL!Smiley Very Happy

I'm not a kid anymore, I've done a lot of growing up! Smiley Happy
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Re: BoA is the Best!!!!!!!

I'm very happy with BOA right now too.  I was denied for the Plat Visa but approved for the 99/500.  With my scores, I'll take it!  It feels good to be on the road to a prime card again.
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Re: BoA is the Best!!!!!!!

I was denied for a $600.00 increase on a $3,200 Bank of America Worldpoints Card and was automatically given  a $1,000 increase on  my  Bank of America American Express Card which has a $12,100 CL.   Go figure!  I thought it might be because my Bank of America Worldpoints card was activated three months ago and too soon to ask for an increase, but from the increases posted here by the OP, that shot that theory to heck!  Smiley Indifferent

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Re: BoA is the Best!!!!!!!

ok after reading all these BoA threads... and already having a 99/500 for 2 months..
I was playing around on website for preapproval of BoA and last time I was on they didnt pre-approve me nothing but secured but this time I was pre-approve for AMEX, Visa, and some other card for a credit limit of $2500.....
so now it got me thinking...... what is the chance of me getting approved? I do got 1 CA (dropping off next year 4/09) and 1 CO (dropping 2011.. with CO date of 3/2006 but 4/2004 dola) on EX.
Since the last time my util has dropped down to 3% Smiley Wink and got couple new CC n' Store Card and EX jumped couple points...
so... should I just take a inq hit and apply online?phone? or wait for 99/500 graduate and product change?
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Re: BoA is the Best!!!!!!!

Niki9 wrote:
Congrats to all of you!!!!
I am scared to apply to B of A.
I don't like to be denied.

Don't be scared (even though I was). If you are denied you can call back for reconn. That is actually a better process to me because the analyst will go over your report with you which gives you the opportunity to explain to circumstances.

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