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BoA lowering my limit

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Re: BoA lowering my limit

Honestly, if I was a lender I would be doing the same thing. The numbers say that you're on the brink, and if anything bad happens in your life right now you will have to default. So they want you to pay it off and not charge any more. It's really cold, and I'm sure quite frustrating to deal with, but that is the only way they can do it without simply closing the account.


Keep paying it down (probably the other cards first). Once you're in the green and have shown that you can pay all of the money back you will start receiving more love from lenders again. BofA might close the account, or they might give you a big CLI, that's hard to say, but you will have a much stronger credit (and financial) position.

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Re: BoA lowering my limit


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