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BoA restores CL

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BoA restores CL

Well, just thought after all the bad news on CLD's from BoA everyone would like a success story.


My brother recently got a CLD from BoA, cutting his CL in half.  I thought it was $14k to $7k, but learned it was $12k to $6k.


Anyway, I recommended he call the Backdoor number credit analyst and talk to them about it.  Finally after a week and several suggestions by me, he called yesterday at my office so that I could listen in.  So I got to hear the conversation first hand.


At first he was getting nowhere.  He asked about the CLD and why.  The analyst at first said he wasn't utilizing his CL so it was adjusted.  My brother corrected the analyst and provided examples of use on several occassions for substantial charges/use, then PIF at statement.


So the analyst said, well it looks like the underlying reason is your BK in 2000.  The analyst said, "there is nothing I can do about this at this time.  We can review your account again in 6 months to see if you qualify for a CLI."


My brother said "what?  I've had this CC since 2006 and it was opened with $10k.  My BK was there at the time of application and was 3 years new then than now.  Plus you gave me a $2k CL just over a year ago from $10k to $12k.  My BK was there then too.  Plus BoA pre-approved me for a home mortgage last year!"


The analyst then asked, "tell me what was going on in 2000 and why you went BK."  My brother explained he had unwittingly allowed himself to sign personal guarantees for a company that he was helping a friend with, which later went under with substantial liabilities.


The analyst then said, "well it looks like you included a $20k LOC with BoA in your BK."  My brother hit the ceiling.  "What are you talking about?  I've never had a LOC with BoA prior to my existing accounts.  I want a copy of the documents on this LOC to review."


The analyst said "I can't provide a copy of that to you because of credit privacy.'  He said, "you just said it was my LOC or something I had responsibility for in my BK, how can it be private from me then!!!!!"


The analyst said "let me speak to my manager."  After about 10 minutes on hold, the analyst came back and said, "I am restoring your CL to $12k, it should be available within 3-4 hours."


My brother and I were quite surprised by the abrupt 180 degree turn around on the decision and full restoration after the initial static and "there's nothing we can do at this time."


So, it wasn't initially warm and fuzzy, but he got his CL back after about 30 minutes on the Backdoor analyst number and not just accepting there initial answer and making them backup their stories on why CLD.

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Re: BoA restores CL

Congrats to your brother!

I got mine back, although not as dramatically. I was just trying to get a portion of it back, but they restored it all. They updated my financials (and I still under-reported income), and hinted strongly that I'd better start using more of it than I have. When I called, I said that it wasn't to complain about the CLD, and that I knew it was "going around", but that I was wondering if I could get some back.

I really do think with BofA that it's just a routine halving of existing CL's to reduce their requirements for cash on hand, and that it's possible for many folks to get at least partial reinstatement.
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Re: BoA restores CL

Good to here that story txjohn. I'm glad he got it back.


I guess we both got brothers who won yesterday since mine had his CC reopened by PenFed.


Persistance can pay off in some cases.


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Re: BoA restores CL

wow, congrats to your bro, he's lucky to have a knowledge guru like you for guidance, etc.  that one read like a page turner Smiley Tongue 


i don't think i'll have the stomach for it with boa at sixes and sevens if/when they chop my line.  superlative work- bravo!! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: BoA restores CL

Good for him! 
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Re: BoA restores CL

Thats great seems like allot of work hehe i would be affraid to talk to them like that once they say nothing we can do my response would be "ok thank you"
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Re: BoA restores CL

That's what they want you to afraid of them. I would have done the same thing as the brother. Why should you be afraid to challenge them?
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Re: BoA restores CL

i applaud the OPs bro's persistence which in this case appears to have really paid off for him.

however, there's a big difference between picking your battles wisely and being afraid.  for some of us it is simply not worth the time or effort to plead their case to a sputtering ccc. 

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