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BoA to stop HPs for CLI’s

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Re: BoA to stop HPs for CLI’s

Hmm nice. Guess I’ll request a CLI on 3 of my cards Monday although I was denied a month ago lol
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Re: BoA to stop HPs for CLI’s

If anyone tries this please be sure to report back.

I’ve got the CLI link on my accounts but I’ve been waiting until I’m ready to app (again) for the Premier Rewards card so I could get them to pull TU for all of it. However if they don’t pull I may just go for the CLI now and just take the EX pull for the new app later.
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Re: BoA to stop HPs for CLI’s

i just recently recieved an Auto CLI from them...

should i be good to go to request on monday? lol

they are about to get pounded out

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Re: BoA to stop HPs for CLI’s

If only Chase would follow suit...
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Re: BoA to stop HPs for CLI’s

This is great news! I wonder if it'll be a 6 month cycle per card, or per account (like AMEX)?

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Re: BoA to stop HPs for CLI’s

Well this is good news.  I've got 4 cards with them now.  Would be nice if they'd extend the no HP to those wanting to reallocate limits.  

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Re: BoA to stop HPs for CLI’s

Oh man if this is true I will be hitting them up for an increase on my BBR (itself opened from credit reallocation from my Visa back in '09). I will, of course, let you all try it first and report back Smiley LOL Daddy isn't trying to get a bunch of HPs. 

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Re: BoA to stop HPs for CLI’s

SWEET! My last increase was right before Christmas last year. I have the link right now so I might test the waters on this next week and ask for another $5k or $10k. Even though I don't really need it- it would put me closer to having my first $50k CL.
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Re: BoA to stop HPs for CLI’s

Great info OP! BOA will be inundated with requests beginning next week for sure.

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Re: BoA to stop HPs for CLI’s

Wonder what motivates this.    I assume that there is no great gain for BoA getting myFico-like people requesting CLIs that they will never use, and normals that actually need a credit line increase probably don't know or care about HPs.   So maybe it is just cost-saving, guessing that doing a SP is cheaper than a HP

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