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BofA - BankAmeriDeals (Cash Back Offers)

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Re: BofA - BankAmeriDeals (Cash Back Offers)

You have to update your 'deals' after you use them because they are only good one time. My debit & cc are eligible but if i use the deal on the cc and go later with my debit card I wont get the 10% cashback. Just make sure you add them as you spend Smiley Happy 

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Re: BofA - BankAmeriDeals (Cash Back Offers)

-Cain- wrote:

The program just showed up on my account today. I had 10 offers, I may use the Sports Authority 15%, the others not so much.

10 offers?  Sports Authority??  I wish I had a Sports Authority offer!  I'm probably going to spend $300 to $400 there in the next few weeks for back-to-school shopping.  Getting $45 to $60 cash back would have been NICE!! 

Stopped at Burger King on the way home tonight and picked up dinner - I admit I was motivated more by the thought of getting 10% cash back than I was about the idea of not eating leftovers from last night's dinner!

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Re: BofA - BankAmeriDeals (Cash Back Offers)

They probably look for areas of interest in your purchases and go from there. The BK offer for me was under a McDonalds purchase. I've used my card to pay my league fees at the Sports Complex I play at, so that's probably where Sports Authority came from. 

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Re: BofA - BankAmeriDeals (Cash Back Offers)

Not necessarily…. I haven’t even used my card in three months and I was offered everything everyone mentioned here.

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Re: BofA - BankAmeriDeals (Cash Back Offers)

I managed to have 33 offers, many of which were local dining establishments (I live just outside of NYC).  Also included a fabric store, pet store, the body shop and a couple other beauty shops and spas, clothing stores, AutoZone.  Sounds on target to what I have purchased using my debit card since the beginning of the year.

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