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BofA closed my account!! >:-[


BofA closed my account!! >:-[

I just went online to check if my statement cut and couldn't find my credit card account, I was hoping it was a glitch in the system;  I called them and yep!  It's closed!  They say due to fraud or something like that, some account numbers were compromised, blah blah.  The CSR said they would issue a new account number and I should get a new card in the mail in a couple of weeks.  Ugh.  I asked him whether this was going to be a new tradeline in my credit report or remain the same?  He paused for a moment, I dont think he even knows what I was asking, but he said yes, it would be a new account!


I've been gardening for over a year and I was planning on refinancing my auto loan in December!  I can't take the hit from a new account, my AAoA is only about a year, what should I do?


This was my oldest tradeline (More than a year) it was a secured card CL 500 and it unsecured two months ago and now it just disappeared!

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Re: BofA closed my account!! >:-[

What BofA would do is that they would close your old account with the comment "Lost/Stolen" as the reason for closure. I believe the new account does retain the original history. Rumor is that BofA had several accounts compromised due to an ex-employee leaking account info to black market.


Your old account would still be on your CRs. You are worrying too much. If needed explain it to the loan officer.

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Re: BofA closed my account!! >:-[

Not really closing one's account Smiley Happy


Anyway, you'll get a new card, and the history (if any in this case?) will be ported over.  For a while I had 2 x BOFA credit cards reporting after I added the rewards to my secured card and had two credit lines reporting for a few weeks... that has since fallen off and it's just the one tradeline with all prior payment history.


Same thing happened when my card was actually filtched when some group sliced through the firewall and subsequent database of an online retailer I've used over the years and my card was actually fraudulently used.


Ain't no big deal other than the annoyance of it all.


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Re: BofA closed my account!! >:-[

I can relate, though wasn't worried.  I requested a PC to 3-2-1 from an old "Gold" (I think that's what it was) right around the time some database was compromised in NY (something about a parking garage was included with it in the news, never really looked into it so don't know the details). 


Anyway, they issued the PC 3-2-1 and closed the old account due to lost or stolen card (they sent me a new gold, then right away the 3-2-1 cash  back card. Both still show on report and seems like the old history from the Gold ported over to the new 3-2-1 Cash back platinum (same mini 500 limit but eh, about my oldest card other than AMEX).


You have nothing to worry about, it's a new account but it should retain the old accounts history (my guess is the rep just didn't know how to explain it).

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Re: BofA closed my account!! >:-[

As everyone is saying, it should retain the history. The exact thing that happened to you, happened to me and my BofA visa!

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Re: BofA closed my account!! >:-[

Happened to me last month, the new card will report from your original date, the old card will be reported lost or stolen, no worries they were quick to catch it. BOA is good like that.
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Re: BofA closed my account!! >:-[

the lost or stolen account will be ignored for fico scoring purposes you have nothing to worry about.

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