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BofA denial

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BofA denial

I tried to copy and paste the exact message, but my computer died, and now I can't get back to that screen. It said something like:
You have been denied for reasons other than the content of the report.
I'm wondering if this is another address verification, like with the Chase.
I'm planning to recon by phone, but it sent me to a screen that says I'm pre-qualified for either a rewards card or a zero fee MC. Should I apply? or call first and find out why I was denied?
They pulled EX.
FAKO TU: 730 (Too poor to check the real scores these days!)
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Re: BofA denial

You might want to call. There have been a few posts lately where people were said to have been denied or they couldn't find the app and applied again only to end up with 2 cards or a card coming after denial. Sounds like something wonky going on.
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