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Building Credit 18 Y/O

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Re: Building Credit 18 Y/O

I woudn't open up any more than two cards at once. And I think it would make sense to have card #1 on one's report before applying for card #2.


I'm a big fan of one card every six months, i.e. card in months 1, 7, 13, 19, and 25. This keeps you off the radar for two many inquiries or new accounts. It always keeps you below 5/24. And it positions you for a Chase card in month 13. I think it's OK to deviate from the schedule a bit as long as card #5 doesn't come sooner than month 25.

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Re: Building Credit 18 Y/O

Except for already generating scores, I was in your position.


Go for Disco. If you're not approved for the regular IT, recon and accept secured if needed.


Capital One should be your second card, though it will have a triple pull (HP every CRA).


Just be patient, don't overapply, and you'll see 750 all else equal.

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