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Business credit card

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Business credit card

I am a brand new real estate salesperson licensee!!! (Southwest lower Michigan if anyone is looking lol)  There are going to be a lot of start up expenses that unfortunately I don't have the cash for.  My office is suggesting I have one specific card for business expenses and I agree. The decent credit cards that I have now aren't maxed by any means but can't handle $1500 even if I split it up over a few.    I thought I might like to check out a business card.  My FICO scores are in the mid to upper 600s.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a card that will carry a balance and might be on the easier side to qualify for?
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Re: Business credit card

First Equity is the easiest business card to get.
However if you have some history with a personal card with a big bank, you might be able to obtain one of them, capital one, citi bank, us bank etc.
first equity is by invitation only, which comes shortly after your a registered business, you can find your offer through there website.
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