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Bye Bye Capital one :)

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Re: Bye Bye Capital one :)

Yes just canceled both but a bit peeved as both had a zero balance but it showed on Credit Karma as closed with a $224 balance..waiting a few days to see if it updates with correct info.....

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Re: Bye Bye Capital one :)

I keep saying in gonna do it but then I look at how pretty my cards are because I picked the design and then don't do it

But all 3 will get axed soon. Oldest acct besides FP and they are for sure getting axed on Monday

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Re: Bye Bye Capital one :)

Oh yeah! When I closed my MTV visa from Cap1 I felt a huge weight lift of my shoulders! I still have 1 more Cap 1 card but that one will be SD until further notice. Smiley Wink
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