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Bye Bye Orchard

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Bye Bye Orchard

Today marks 3 years w/orchard. When I got it 3 yrs ago, NO ONE but first premier would give me a cc, so i was desperate for any cc, even though orchard had a hideous 79 AF. In 3 yrs, I've had ONE cli for 200.

Today I called, asked for 0 AF + a cli. They countered w/50% AF + NO cli...mind you, i've NEVER been late or overlimit, used the cc monthly and charged A LOT, etc. They wouldn't budget on the AF or cli, so I fired them. They said they aren't giving clis even though I KNOW they gave them out as little as 1-2 wks ago b/c plenty of people posted here and on other boards about orchard auto clis.

It felt good to finally be @ the point where I DON'T need them. I'll replace the lost cl w/a Usaa 1.5k secured cc + in 1-2 mos., a NFCU cc (even if I have to go the secured route).

So long orchard. I'd miss you if you @ least had cashback rewards like my cap 1 (I earn way more cashback than the AF) or if you'd at least have waived the AF. In a way, closing this reminded me of how far i've come credit wise. Things seemed so bleak 3 yrs ago, but now, it's time to move on up
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Re: Bye Bye Orchard

Congratulations. I remember how good it felt to fire them, too!

Good for you!

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Re: Bye Bye Orchard

I may have missed it in your post, but have you already replaced the card.
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Re: Bye Bye Orchard

+1    I also remember orchard and jupiter  yes it felt really good getting rid of them

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Re: Bye Bye Orchard

DI, I'm getting a 1.5k secured usaa cc this week or next.  after that, i'm joining nfcu + either getting an unsecured cc or a 5k secured cc.  that should replace the orchard 800 cl + then some.
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Re: Bye Bye Orchard

I fired Orchard this week too. Same situation as yours basically. 2+ years only a 100 CLI. I called and asked for CLI + no AF. They said no, I said cancel. End of story. Felt great doing it!!!

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Re: Bye Bye Orchard

Congratulations!!  Can't wait until I can give Orchard the pink slip myself.
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Re: Bye Bye Orchard

Yup, im in the same boat, they've got a 59 AF with a 1500 CL, havent given me a CLI since Aug 07 right as the economy was i really see no need for the AF. 


I just dont want to mess around with the age of the count..Its been open since 6/2005 and has the longest tenure on my report. 



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Re: Bye Bye Orchard

i think i'm going to kick my orchard platinum to the curb before the AF hits in june.  i emailed them recently & they said NO CLIs FOR YOU SUCKA!!!  so i'm kicking it out of my wallet.  it will only be 2 years old, but it's only got a $400 CL, & a $59 AF Smiley Mad
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Re: Bye Bye Orchard

Sjp, the acct will stay on your report for 7-10 yrs, so it won’t (or shouldn’t) mess w/the age.  Due to being "underground" for quite awhile credit wise, my AAOA is fairly young anyways, so fico impact should be minimal.  I have 6 other ccs opened between 08-09 + I'll be opening up a USAA + NFCU secured ccs soon, so that should more than cover the loss of orchard.


I just couldn’t justify paying orchard for another year for a cc w/o rewards, a cl I can’t really use much (I travel A LOT, so usually had to max the cc out/use several ccs to book a trip), + most importantly, little to NO chance for a cli.  Seriously, 1 200$ cli in 3 years w/flawless history on the acct?  What irked me a bit is that I saw others (most of whom barely had their orchards for 6 mos.) recently get auto 200 clis.  Every time I called in 3 years, I kept getting some song and dance about why they would NOT give me a cli.  Had they totally waived the AF, I would’ve stayed w/them, but I just couldn’t justify paying nearly $40 for another year w/them.

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