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Just be careful; when you are paying your bill online and you want to cancel a payment and change the amount.  I did this in April with my care credit account and I was charge a $39.99 returned check fee. I am soooo mad about this.  I called the phone number on the website and I was transferred to an "escalation specialist" Kyle ( what an a**) He said he would credit back 1/2 the fee. I did not agree to do this and ask to speak with a next higher up person and he said to send a letter.  So I am.  What sucks is I canceled a $20 payment to make a $100 payment. Am I stupid or what, I am on their website paying my bill, it allows me to cancel the payment, it does not state I will be charge a fee to do this, but then I am...I don't get it!!   I just decided to pay off the balance of $280 and not use the card unless a dire emergency comes up.


FYI--Care credit is good on you Vet bills too.  In case of a pet emergency.  That is what I will only be using it for now!!!

I'll keep ya posted on the outcome of my dispute!!



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