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Just because the banks win when customers use credit cards doesn't mean that the customers don't win too; it's a win/win situation.  Credit card users can profit with free flights and hotel stays or cashback.  CC users get protections like extended warranties and insurance against accidental damage and theft.  Plus having established positive credit will make buying cars and houses so much easier, even getting tv service is easier.  You also need credit cards for things like car rentals and hotel stays.

Using credit cards is simply the more rational choice; if used responsibly there really is no downside.  I only recommend cash if you find yourself making impulse purchases that you wouldn't if you were using cash instead of plastic.  If you do that and start regularly carrying balances, you need to get yourself down to 1 or 2 cards that you setup an automatic payment on, like tv service or netflix, then sockdrawer and only carry cash/debit.  You can still establish some credit and you'll have a card for when you travel.

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I would answer this but I'm on my way to the cheesecake factory for a free lunch with my wife, paid for by American Express. 


When was the last time someone dropped a $100 in your lap for paying cash, that you wouldn't of recieved for paying with credit.



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I use cash for small things like bus fares, vending machines, buying candy or a bag of chips at a gas station, also small businesses that don't take cards like a local burger place and my barber, I use a credit card for everything else. Since I pay it off in full it is same as cash, however I earn rewards on it.


Unfortunately if the merchants have their way in the credit card lawsuit we will all be going back to cash. I don't know about any of you but no way will I ever pay a surcharge to pay with a credit card. Good news however it seems that most have rejected the settlement and hopefully the banks and merchants can work something out without sticking it to the customer.

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I used to think like you several years ago, living happily in my insulated little bubble happily paying cash.  Then life hit me upside the head one day and I realized I had no credit file what so ever and the implications it could have on my future.  From the ability to have utilities in my name to renting an apartment or even a job.  I also realized those paying with credit were getting more for their hard earned cash, from free trips and cash back to extended warranties and protections. Credit is much safer to carry around, especially vs a bank card.


I almost never carry cash day to day now unless I know I will be heading somewhere that's cash only.  

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Nothing wrong with carrying both in your wallet.
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Let's go on a Ferrari enthusiast forum and ask why not drive a Hyundai 

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