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CC Offer from PENFED??

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Re: CC Offer from PENFED??

Not a member, they send me one recently.  Said I was pre-approved for the Gold Visa. Offering 0% for 12 months.  Not opening new accounts right and don't need it and anyways the rate after the 0% was quoted at 15.99%, not sure if they pulled EQ before the collection was cleaned up or what but with my scores I would expect to be closer to the 7.49% on that card (I have 10.9% on on my NASA FCU card and my scores weren't nearly as good when I got that card). 

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Re: CC Offer from PENFED??

I got 16.99 so I guess it's solid not the max apr. but honestly not knowing for sure, not knowing the limit, and also risk of them popping POI (I put current years income that I'll be putting on my taxes, not last years) (I know playing with fire) so a pull for nothing if denied for poi, and my desire to let myself get to a clean scorecard, and to pay my student loans under 9% and get to 0/12 new accounts, which will all happen in April I'm gonna pass idk what score PenFed pulls but I'm sitting at 694 8 722 9

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Re: CC Offer from PENFED??

@ImTheDevil wrote:

@Chandler455 wrote:

I just got this too, says pre approved with set apr, wonder if you accept is it sp like offers when you are a member already, do they give you the cl before you accept?

In my case, not being a member, I didn't get my limit until the pull was made. I can't speak to what happens if you're already a member...yet.

Penfed does not give you limit before you apply. You are either approved or not and most people end up with a high apr even with good credit.  Very rare to see those 7% aprs, as i have seen in my time here.

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Re: CC Offer from PENFED??

Well, I never shredded the pre-approval and got the itch to apply. I got a message that I was tentatively approved but had to upload ID verification docs. I will post in the Approvals section (if I get fully approved) when I find out my SL.


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Re: CC Offer from PENFED??

Mine went straight to the shredder along with all the other junk CC mailers, but it's confusing me as I'm not a member, never was a member, not related to any members, never had military affiliation, and not even a member of any of their why are they even bothering?

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