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CC companies that don't play tricks?

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CC companies that don't play tricks?

I'm looking to get a new CC, but after reading about how so many of them are slashing CL's, jacking up interest rates, and springing all sorts of other nasty surprises on even very responsible customers, I'm a bit leery. 


Are there any CC lendors who are not resorting to such tactics?  Or is it to be assumed that they all are? 


Are there any institutions that I should definitely avoid?


I also want to make sure I go with a company that has good customer service.  Does anyone know of any good websites that have customer service reviews for CC's and banks?  I may be looking at switching banks as well.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: CC companies that don't play tricks?

Right now in this economy i would not trust any of them if u ask me just speaking my 2 cents.

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Re: CC companies that don't play tricks?

Personal Opinion:


Any Credit Union should be good.


USBank is a conservative lender that is NOT in trouble so probably won't screw around so much with CLs

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