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CC only reports to EX

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CC only reports to EX

i've had a Fry's Electronic cc for almost a year now and i noticed when i pulled my annual reports recently that they are only reporting on my EX report. i called the them and asked why my account with them was only showing up on EX. I was told by the csr that they only report to EX and not the other 2 bureaus. my cl for this store card is $3k and have good payment history. I want to be able to have this positive account reporting to all 3 agencies. Fry's electronics pretty much said that they will not do it and to just ask EX to see if they can get the other two bureaus to report the account.


is there a way to get this account on my TU and EQ?

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Re: CC only reports to EX

Didn't know that some accounts will only report to one bureau.

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Re: CC only reports to EX

Unfortunately, no.


It's up to each individual lender to decide which and how many cra's to report to.

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