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CC reporting to credit bureau??

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CC reporting to credit bureau??

I paid off my Credit One card last month and assumed they would report the account update to the credit bureau at the end of my billing cycle... which was 1/18/13. It is now two weeks later and this account has not been updated on my credit report yet. I called my CC company and they said they did report it... so why isn't it showing up? I am wanting to purchase a new car this month and really wanted this balance update to reflect on my credit score! Does it usually take this long for an update to reflect on my report? Can I ask them to report it again?


Thanks in advance!!

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Re: CC reporting to credit bureau??

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Re: CC reporting to credit bureau??

Its Credit One who did not send their update to the bureaus. The bureaus update your file once they receive an update. But most companies do not update the bureaus once you make a payment they send updates in bulk once a month or so.

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Re: CC reporting to credit bureau??

Usually they updated your payment at your next month billing cycle cut.

Let said if you statement cut on the Jan 18th then you wont see payment post to credit bureau until Feb 18th.


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Re: CC reporting to credit bureau??

I have statement dates for two accounts on the 3rd. One updates by the 8th and the other deviates a few days around the 14th. I kills me because I cant figure out the pattern any better than that. My hunch is there may be lenders that report weekly, bi-weekly and monthly but I have no clue which abide by a given cycle.

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