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CC strategy

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CC strategy

I brought this up in another thread, but wanted to make it it's own topic to see what people thought.


Here is my situation in a nutshell.....


Current EQ FICO - 647

My last collection is going to be removed, and I will soon have a Cap 1 secured reporting with < 10% utilization.  I also have  a FP card with 0 balance that has been reported for a few months.


The cards on my "wish list" at the moment are:

Amex Zync

Citi Forward

Chase Freedom


Another poster pointed out that Amex would not like the FP card open on my account.  I was hoping to replace it with one of the 3 I wanted to keep long term and close it as soon as I got one, but I'm starting to wonder if I may need another card to bridge the gap.  I'm assuming that if Amex doesn't want to see the FP card, then other prime lenders won't either.


Is there a card I can replace it with that would be doable with my credit profile before going after more prime cards?  I don't want to do another secured card if I can help it, I'm dumping $ into my Cap 1 to raise the credit limit already and don't want to have to do that for 2 cards.  (in the theory that having a higher limit on it will help get higher limits on later cards)


Thanks for any and all suggestions!

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Re: CC strategy

Since I don't know how to edit my post, I'll add this.  I'm rehabbing student loans also and that will be done in 7 months if that makes a difference. 

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Re: CC strategy

Does this mean your credit report be clean of negatives in 7 months?    That is much more important than brand of CC, and having more than 1 card is good.


Increasing Capital One deposit is good idea, (it worked for me with next Cap1 card).


I suggest you apply for 1 or  2 cards in 7 months.

Amex Zync

Capital One unsecured card (what ever they prequalify you for)


If you have success with that, then close the FP and Capital One secured.  


Then Wait 6 moths or more and try for the others.








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Re: CC strategy

I guess using an unsecured Capital One card would be a good idea to get rid of the Zync.  I'll have had the secured card with great history as well as an auto loan through them. (if that helps)  Maybe in 7 I can get a cap 1 unsecured, ditch the FP, then get the zync.  


I can always keep checking pre-auth pages online when I get scoring bumps along the way to see what I might pre-qualify for.

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Re: CC strategy

jrcred wrote:

Since I don't know how to edit my post, I'll add this.  I'm rehabbing student loans also and that will be done in 7 months if that makes a difference. 

To edit your post, go to the post. To the right you'll see "Options." Click on "Options" and select "Edit Message" from the drop-down menu. If you have accidentally posted a duplicate message, you can use the “Report Inappropriate Content to a Moderator” link to ask the moderation team to remove one for you. To find this link, go to the duplicate post, click on "Options," then select "Report Inappropriate Content to a Moderator" from the drop-down menu. 

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Re: CC strategy

awesome, thanks.  If it was a snake it would have bit me!

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