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CC targets and strategy while waiting - looking for recommendations on approach

New Contributor

CC targets and strategy while waiting - looking for recommendations on approach

Hi All,
I'm trying to plan out the course for my marathon to 725+ credit score. I know its not a sprint but I want to be intentional with a plan going forward. Any advice from folks that have been through this process would be much appreciated along with what strategy or approach used, what credit cards you aimed for including credit limit amounts I should aim for once I reach mid 700’s score. Here's my snapshot with no bk:

CC Snapshot as of May 2019:

  • BoA Secured card $500 (applied 5/20/19 for release from deposit and increase) – Bal. $0
  • Self-Lender $1000 (Feb 2020 full maturity $1K savings in 1 year by paying myself $89/mo)
  • FingerHut $600 – Bal. $0
  • Mastercard $500 (5% cash back perk) – Bal $0 (use for gas monthly and pay in full each month)
  • TJMaxx $200 – Bal $0

Other debts:

  • Mortgage $212K paid on time (will sell house June 2019 to get rid of this debt – I’m renting now)
  • Car loan $25K – paid on time still owe $23K - 7%
  • Car loan $10K – new (pay back starts next month) - 5%
  • Student Loans $190K – paid on time

High income (100K+) and starting scores were mid-500 in January 2019 but now my scores are improving as of 5-20-19:

  • EQ 671
  • TU 668
  • EX 642

Negative Drop off dates: (no bk)

  • Citimortgage – Jun 2022 (180+ day lates – went thru home flood)
  • Khols – Jan 2023
  • DiTech – Jun 2024 (180+ day lates – went thru loan mod)
  • Wells Fargo – Mar 2024 (car loan fees paid late)


Starting FICO 8 Score: 2/12/19 EQ579, TU 588, EX 624
Current Score: 10/27/19 EQ682, TU 708, EX 692
Goal Score: 750+ by March 2020

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