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CC util FICO thresholds?

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Re: CC util FICO thresholds?

haulingthescoreup wrote:
I'm guessing that since the chart was from 2003, it reflects TU 98. And it does match my experiences with all accounts reporting $0.

DI, the problem is that TU is the only formula that rewards 0% util at higher scores. I still got hit by EQ when all reported $0.

I noticed my score on CK decreased when no balance is reporting.  Now that I'm letting a balance report the score increased.  I mentioned that to CWCID before.  

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Re: CC util FICO thresholds?

No telling what the CK/TransRisk/WhicheverItIs scoring formula does with number of accounts with balances. No reason to think that it's the same as the FICO formulas, which are different from one another already.

I'm soooo not getting into that debate again! At least for today. Smiley Very Happy
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Re: CC util FICO thresholds?

I think we have another thread running currently on the lack of relevance of CK/TC/TransRisk scoring/score changes/recommendations to FICO. I only wish my FICO scores were as high as my TransRisk scores. That would be great!
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