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CFE Federal Credit Union-Credit Card

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CFE Federal Credit Union-Credit Card

Finally was able to get a Credit Card with my Credit Union (CFE). I applied for $5,000, figure I would go bold and to me, well, that would be perfect. But they finnally approved me at $1,500, with a lovely 11.2 % intrest rate!


So this card, will replace my CapOne Card (With no A/F). I am going to shoot for a CLI increase with Chase soon, hope there not to mad at me. I did close all my accounts with them and sent them a nice letter telling them why :-)




TU: 648 05/14/11| EQ: 691 05/14/11| EX: ??? | NO BADDIES!
What's in my wallet?: AMEX Green, BoA Cash Rewards Platinum Plus CL $2000, CapOne Platinum CL $1500, CFE Platinum Cash CL $1500, Chase Amazon CL $1000, Kay Jewelers CL $1000
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