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CHASE Freedom Mastercard vs. Freedom VISA

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CHASE Freedom Mastercard vs. Freedom VISA

I am 99.9% sure I applied for the Chase Freedom VISA with the $200 cash back after spending $1500 in 3 months.  Now, I cannot find the link I used anywhere for the app.  This was back in June and I just received my card today. 


From my searches, it seems like the Freedom Mastercard is more popular?  Did the Freedom VISA and Mastercards have the same offers?  I see $150 and $100 cash back.  I even see that some apps do not even state if it's a VISA or Mastercard.


What does everyone else have? 


Edited to add:  Okay, I just found this:


It seems it's $500 in 3 months that you have to spend.  When I called the CSR, she said there were NO offers of any kind with my card.  Do you think the backdoor # would help?  Maybe it's because I got the card through a recon (whole other thread-starter there!)?

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Re: CHASE Freedom Matercard vs. Freedom VISA

My dad apped an offer without Visa or MC logo, he got Chase Freedom Visa.


I believe Chase only issues MC if it specifically say so.

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