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CHASE Recon Success! GECRB CLI Success!

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CHASE Recon Success! GECRB CLI Success!

Well, I just got the feeling I might be able to work on improving my current cards a tad while waiting to app for Amex BCP in January 2013, so I called CHASE today and requested a CLI.  Initially they increased my Freedom from 500 to 800, and I promptly asked for a recon (I did not want to waste an HP on a 300 increase).  I was transferred to a lady in the lending department.  We went through the normal questions;  gross income, length of self-employment, rent, home ownership, etc.  About 15 minutes while she analyzed and reviewed the account.  I did butter them up a bit and mentioned that the Freedom was my lowest limit card (which is true), and that I had a 4500 limit on my Discover card, and that I run up to 1500 a month on my AMEX.  I got what I requested........3500!  Woohoo.


Two weeks earlier I bumped my Chevron/Texaco Card from 900 to 1500 (it was originally 500).


All set for the rest of the year now.  2-3 more INQ's drop off by the end of 2012 and then it is onto Blue Cash Preferred skies!

EQ FICO 695 (4/26/2012)
Lender Pulls (for mortgage) 12/03/2012 - 698 EQ, 729 TU, 721 EX
Business Cards: Discover Business Miles and US Bank FlexPerks Cash Rewards
Personal Cards: Capital One, Chase Freedom, Chase Amazon, Wells Fargo Rewards, Amex Zync NPSL, Target, Chevron/Texaco Store Card and VISA, CareCredit
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Re: CHASE Recon Success! GECRB CLI Success!



if only kohls was accepting cli right now. 


raised my macy's from 2k to 3500. should have asked for more. 

no pull i believe. 

i didnt get any alerts....

Current: Discover Fico 709 3/15 Walmart Fico 743 4/15

Inquiries (24 Months): EQ 6 TU 1 EX 6 | Most Recent: 4/09/2015
Over 12 Months:9

2015 Goals:
Lower Utility
Earn Cash Back

Amex Zync(Unicorn)
Chase Freedom$1500
Discover IT$7,400
Citi DC $10,000
Citizens Mastercard$7,000
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Re: CHASE Recon Success! GECRB CLI Success!

congrats, nice cli.


BOA: 8.9k
CSP: 5k
Discover: 5k
Citi TY Preferd: 5k
Wally: 5k
JCP: 4.9k
citiForward: 4.7k
ChaseFreedom: 4.5k
DFS: 2k
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Re: CHASE Recon Success! GECRB CLI Success!

Congrats! Great work!  Smiley Happy


** Every Card has a Job, and Every Card does its Job **
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Re: CHASE Recon Success! GECRB CLI Success!

Nice CLI! Discover still won't grant an increase to me until after this year... Smiley Sad

Jun 2012 FICO® ~ 734 EQ
Sep 2012 FICO® ~ 684 EQ; 734 TU
Oct 2012 FICO® ~ TBA

Goal for 2014 ~760+

Trying to stay in the garden...but also trying to get as many apps as possible for now Smiley Wink
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