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CITI AAdvantage denied due to "restricted privilege"

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Re: CITI AAdvantage denied due to "restricted privilege"

proton022 wrote:

I see. I should have been more careful with the autopay. They kept trying to withdraw from an old account when I had transfered funds to the new one.

Think about how you feel if your paycheck got bounced. That's why lenders reacted strongly to it.


Is one reason why I discourage people using autopay. All sorts of bad things can happen. We all learn from our mistake, it's time we move on.

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Re: CITI AAdvantage denied due to "restricted privilege"

"serious delinquency (more serious than late)"



Really ? Do bounced checks show up on a credit report, mainly telecheck ? I know once a bounced check becomes a CO its listed on EX EQ TU... I used to use auto pay for everything, I switched banks from case (when they became chase from wamu) to wellsfargo. I called into TFS to stop the auto payment on my account I was told by several reps that the process could only be done online in my account. It was a problem for me at the time I was 3 years into the loan and only logged in once.. I lost my password for both the account and the email I used for the account( I was young and wanted a TFS only email for my TFS alerts).  So for a period of 3 months I made my payment by phone b4 the due date but auto payment still tried to withdraw from my close wamu/chase account. 


Two days after the 3rd bounced check TFS called my work, it was sooo embarrassing. The secretary called into my office and said you have a call from a "name" from Toyota she says its very important. The rep for TFS said that they were closing and revoked my online account with them bc I had 3 NSF returned checks ( mind you I was making my payment, not missing). The rep told me if I waited 12 months I could set up a new online account... I was so upset that they could not help me access the account when I called ..But when they wanted too they could close my account and say you can set up a new on in 12 months


I only just started the autopay again per my approval for zync required it 

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Re: CITI AAdvantage denied due to "restricted privilege"

I'd posted a similar experience with Chase a bit ago. Not with bad checks, but due to the fact that during the vast amount of bank consolidation that has occurred over the past 5 years in order to deny a CSP app that I did in July, the majore banks use a great deal more data than the FICO score. Chase looked at accounts that they did close but that I'd paid in full and were so old that they had dropped from my credit report. To boot these were accounts that Chase bought several years ago and merged their business into the larger company.


Your FICO scores look like they are enviable by many on this board. But these larger companies have more data on their customers today than we can even imagine.


Perhaps you want to look at other banks like Barclays or the credit unions. Since learning that there will be very little forgiveness from Chase I've started a bank acct with US Bank which I'll soo tryin apping with for a card. Also growing my Citi relationship seeing as I have no previous negatives with them.



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Re: CITI AAdvantage denied due to "restricted privilege"

Bounced check won't show up on CRs (beside Chexsystem, but that's for deposit account). However, if you bounced a check you will be flagged on their internal record.

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