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CITI Diamond Preferred MC and EMV Chip

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Re: CITI Diamond Preferred MC and EMV Chip

dodgeball wrote:

It is not even nessary in Europe, almost all terminals  are swipe and sighn still and the ones that are pin only still let you swipe and sighn

I would disagree.  While swipe is still alive in Europe, some unattended kiosks like train stations are EMV only.  I was in Switzerland a few months ago and two of my coworkers tried to buy train tickets from a liosk to no avail.  I didn't realize until much later that their Amex Business Green cards without EMV were useless in the machine.


EMV will happen in the US, mainly through legal force.  In 2015, the legal liability for merchants against fraud will shift from the card networks to the merchants themselves if they haven't upgraded to EMV capable point of sale devices.

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Re: CITI Diamond Preferred MC and EMV Chip

Lived in Europe for going on seven years now, I have not been rejected once for having the old swipe and sighn credit card. I have seen the Kiosk you are talking about and they do except swipe and sighn credit cards, just got to push the right button Smiley Happy

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Re: CITI Diamond Preferred MC and EMV Chip

I called to get the new chip when I heard that all it took was to ask for it.  I'm taking a trip to Europe this summer and wanted to have one or two to carry in my wallet.  The new card does look slightly different.  The old card has sort of a bumpy texture to it while the new one is smooth but also has the chip.  It's still an impressive looking card.Smiley Happy

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